Interchange Plus Pricing, also known as Cost Plus Pricing or Interchange Pass Through, is a method of pricing merchant account services that charges the merchant the exact Interchange Fees, Plus a fixed mark up for processing services. Interchange Plus Pricing is the lowest cost, most transparent pricing schedule available in the merchant services industry.

Reporting that shows the interchange paid on every single transaction allows merchants to identify key payment card statistics. This information allows us to work with our merchants on an ongoing basis to refine card acceptance methods and institute best practices.

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View the Current Visa Interchange Rate

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Understanding the Interchange Cost

Interchange fees are set by Visa and MasterCard and paid to the customer’s bank (issuing bank). These will vary depending on the type of credit card (consumer vs. premium) and how it is entered (card-present vs. manually keyed).

Processors and merchants of all sizes are bound by the same Interchange. As you go through the various pricing methods below.

Interchange+ Pricing

Interchange Plus pricing (or as we call it, Cost+ Pricing) is still uncommon, as it has the lowest margins for a processor. The processor passes the true Visa and MasterCard costs on to the merchant, and charges a single markup (%) on top of the processing volume.
We offer all of our merchants Interchange+ Pricing as it creates a very transparent arrangement between us and our clients.

Flat Discount Rate

Flat pricing typically has a flat percentage and a per transaction fee, regardless of the types of credit cards used or how they are entered. Only a few major online processors use this pricing method, such as PayPal and Squares online and virtual terminal packages.