Service Providers

In the evolving economy, the ability to process transactions on the go is essential. Merchant Services LTD understands that businesses are unique and therefore require tailor-made payment processing solutions. We offer state-of-the-art mobile and wireless terminals and POS systems to meet the demands of any industry.

For merchants on the move, a wireless credit card reader gives you added flexibility to accept payments without a cord. For businesses on the go, our Contactless Reader is your go-to POS for secure credit card swipes, and even dips and taps like Apple and Samsung Pay.

Clear & Simple Pricing

With our interchange plus pricing, you pay the true interchange rate plus a fixed percentage rate and transaction fee. This straightforward pricing structure enables business owners to understand what they are actually being charged for their merchant transactions. As well, your rates will never be raised, which stabilizes your operating costs and allows you to accurately forecast business profitability.

Next Day Funding

First Merchant Payment Systems knows how important it is to expediently receive the funds that we have processed for you. This is why we offer next day funding, which is rarely seen among our competitors. Your funds that you have worked hard to earn are deposited to your bank account the very next day. This is the case with all of our digital payment partners, including American Express. We believe you shouldn’t have to wait for what is yours, and that taking digital transactions shouldn’t negatively affect your cash flow.

Free Terminals & Readers

Don’t spend big bucks on the equipment needed to take customers’ credit and debit card payments. First Merchant Payment Systems provides equipment to you at no cost. We can advise you on the system that’s best for you and guarantee that it’s secure and works for your servers and customers without any hassle.

Point of Sale System

Your Clover POS system makes running your business a breeze. Take orders and accept payments. Organize inventory and manage your team. Grow your customer base. All at the tips of your fingers.

Your POS should scale with your business. Build the system you need now, and expand as you grow with devices, apps, and accessories.

Clover syncs with the cloud, so you can access your sales, refunds, deposits, and reports, wherever you are or need to be.

Business Financing

Quick and Flexible Small Business Loan Alternatives
First Merchant Payment Systems is an industry leader in providing small businesses the financing they need quickly and easily, regardless of credit. Our Total Deposit Advance (TDA) and Credit Card Advance (CCA) are the perfect funding options for small businesses that need money fast, have limited fixed assets, have variable/seasonal revenue flow, or have been turned down by a bank. Find out what we can do for you.

Reporting with MyFMPS

MYFMPS, our web-based reporting engine, provides actionable data that helps merchants manage their credit card business. Merchants can simply logon anywhere they have access to the internet to monitor their payment card and settlement activity, view merchant statements, manage chargebacks or retrievals and research cardholder activity and authorization records. With all this data just a few mouse clicks away, merchants can keep pace with ever-changing market conditions.