Get Paid

Low Payment Processing Rates

Don’t break the bank when you process payments. With First Merchant Payment Systems, you can accept customers’ credit and debit payments at very affordable rates.

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Free Terminals and Readers

With First Merchant Payment Systems, you don’t need to pay for the hardware to process customer payments. Ask your representative about how to get a free mobile reader or payment terminal.

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Point of Sale Systems

A Clover POS system does a lot more than just accept payments. Use it to keep track of your inventory and gain the business intelligence you need to run your business.

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SpotOn Restaurant is designed so your entire staff can work faster and more efficiently so you can focus on what’s important—creating an amazing experience for your customers.

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PtechPOS is a Point of Sale Software (POS) that is designed specifically to fulfill the needs of modern retail industry. Provide the best features that cater your specific industry including Convenience Stores, Liquor Stores, and Super Stores.

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Online Payments

These days, customers want to pay by the means most convenient for them. First Merchant Payment Systems has the solutions that let you get paid through any means – in-person, over the phone, through the mail, online or via recurring payments.

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Grow Your Sales

Loyalty Programs

Reward your customers for past patronage and encourage them to give you repeat business through easy-to-manage loyalty programs.

Gift Card Offering

Gift cards are another way to share your business with the community. Make the cards available to your current customers, and they will act as excellent ambassadors to their friends and family.

Manage Your Business

Cash Advance

If you’re strapped for cash but are reluctant to take out a loan, ask your First Merchant Payment Systems Account Manager about how we can help.

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