Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloud-Based POS Software?

Traditional POS systems run “on-premise” software that is installed on a hard drive, just like with a computer. Cloud-based software is drastically different. It is installed off-site, in this case on secure servers hosted by Amazon Web Services, and the merchant’s POS stations run the software over the internet. This offers several distinct benefits.

  • Flexible configurations, especially for businesses that need multiple POS stations or have multiple locations
  • Faster operations
  • No need to go through the lengthy process of downloading and installing software
  • There is no single point of failure, making server crashes and lengthy reboots a thing of the past
  • The software is accessible anywhere with internet access
    • Real-time access to reporting, even offsite via computer or our free mobile reporting app
    • The ability to perform tasks such as manager approvals, voids, and discounts remotely using our free mobile manager app
  • Updates happen live without the need for downloading files or restarting the hardware
  • Merchant data is automatically backed up on the cloud, so it is safe and secure, even if the POS stations are stolen or damaged
  • No need for additional hardware in the back office to access the POS functions and reporting
What are the Internet Requirements for SpotOn Restaurant?

Because SpotOn Restaurant runs cloud-based software, a high-speed internet connection is a must. A high-speed LAN (ethernet) connection is required, as well as Wi-Fi if the restaurant chooses to have handhelds. Additionally, the network must be secured since it will be transmitting confidential financial data.

If the internet connection is not fast enough, SpotOn Restaurant will not work. The minimum connection speed is approximately 50mbps for both uploads and downloads. If you come across any of the red flags listed below with a merchant, contact our technical support team at (866) 936-2530 to get assistance before signing them up with SpotOn Restaurant.

Internet Compatibility Red Flags:

  • The merchant is using satellite-based internet (e.g. through Dish Network)
  • The merchant is located in a very rural area
  • Your mobile phone takes a long time to load when connected to the business’s Wi-Fi
  • The merchant only has Wi-Fi

For more information on internet requirements, please refer to our SpotOn Restaurant Site Readiness Guide.
Furthermore, please ensure that you are upfront about these requirements with prospective clients, particularly
with restaurants that do not have an existing high-speed internet network, as they will be responsible for installing
the network before we can install SpotOn Restaurant. Our POS implementation team does NOT provide network
installation or cabling services and these services are not included in our price quote.

What happens if the Internet Goes Down? Does SpotOn Restaurant Have an Offline Mode?

SpotOn Restaurant must be connected to the internet since it runs cloud-based software. We do not offer an “offline mode,” largely because that term is a misnomer. When a POS system runs in an “offline mode,” it maintains some capabilities like being able to take orders and send them to the kitchen, but the POS system cannot process payments. This means the restaurant can either accept cash-only or write credit card payments down by hand (or with an old-school knuckle-buster) and then enter each and every transaction into a payment terminal when it comes back online—wasting tons of time, not to mention opening the door to mistakes, fraud, and chargebacks.

SpotOn Restaurant offers a better solution

We include a backup Meraki wireless router with each and every SpotOn Restaurant system. The backup router automatically connects the POS station(s) to a cellular internet connection whenever a restaurant’s standard high-speed internet goes down, maintaining full functionality.

Is SpotOn Restaurant POS integrated with SpotOn Loyalty?

Not yet, no, but our product development is working on a solution. We anticipate going live with integrated SpotOn Loyalty with SpotOn Restaurant POS in the first quarter of 2020 via an Ignecio Mobi 100 tablet. It will function very similarly to how SpotOn Register runs loyalty via our android based tablet.

Does SpotOn Restaurant have a workable loyalty solution for the time being?

Yes. SpotOn Restaurant has a built-in loyalty program developed when the POS system was branded EmaginePOS. It has minimal customer features, but it works well and is suitable for quick service restaurants.

Is SpotOn Restaurant POS integrated with SpotOn Marketing and Reviews (aka Core)?

No. However, you can still sell the benefit of the SpotOn platform. SpotOn Reviews is invaluable for all business types and does not require any POS integration to provide real-time review alerts. Meanwhile, our Customer Engagement team can help SpotOn Restaurant merchants import their customer list into their SpotOn dashboard so they can easily send Marketing emails. The only limitation would be with redeeming deals at the POS.

Does SpotOn Restaurant POS have gift card capabilities?

Yes. SpotOn Restaurant has built-in gift card capabilities that it inherited from EmaginePOS. The cards come from a different supplier than our primary SpotOn gift cards, and we do not have the ability to customize them with a restaurant’s logo or name. However, we still do honor the same pricing as with our other gift cards, including providing the first 50 gift cards for free. Our POS Team is in the process of finding a new gift card vendor that will be compatible with all of our POS offerings.