Loyalty Card Programs
Retain customers and increase shopping frequency with Loyalty cards.

How sticky is your business?
In today’s competitive retail environment, the battle to retain customers is fierce. The winners are those who establish and maintain one or more competitive advantages in the minds of their customers. A loyalty program can be a powerful means of creating a compelling reason for consumers to prefer one business over another. With a Loyalty Card in her wallet, a customer is much more likely to choose that merchant the next time she makes a purchase.

Points for purchases
The first step in creating a Loyalty Program is to decide what point value to assign to customer purchases. Our recommendation is that you keep it simple and award one point for every dollar a customer spends.

Award levels & redemptions
The next step is to decide what reward(s) to give your customers when a specific point level is reached. Rewards can be products, services, discounts, or spendable value added to the card. The system can accomodate up to 6 (six) Award Levels.
Each time an Award Level
is reached, the terminal printer will print a message advising the merchant and cardholder that the cardholder is eligible to redeem an award at that time.
The cardholder has the option to not redeem an award and continue accumulating points in the program. Awards are given by the merchant according to their specific program rules.

The Loyalty receipt
The terminal prints a receipt which tracks the points added to the customer’s Loyalty account and provides a total for all points accumulated to date and available for redemption (point balance). To eliminate confusion, no previous redemptions are shown.

Terminal applications
All of the terminals and applications that process Stored Value / Gift Card transactions can also be set up to process transactions for the Loyalty Program.
See available equipment / software descriptions here.

The system will provide reports indicating loyalty points earned through purchases, a summary of redemptions, transactions voided, balance inquiries and other activity relative to that merchant’s program.

Data Mining
Through Valutec’s web-based Virtual Terminal application, customer demographic information can be tied to a specific card number and stored in our host database. This database can be used to target marketing campaigns to specific customers based on a variety of card usage criteria.
Valutec has a simple popup web form that can easily be added to a merchant website to allow cardholders to “register” cards themselves by entering their personal identification information.

With a Loyalty Card in her wallet, a customers are much more likely to choose your company the next time she makes a purchase.