The Electronic Gift Card.

It’s the most rapidly-growing merchant product of all time. Nine out of ten big-name national retailers have switched to plastic and proven its impact on sales.

In just the last two years, gift card sales have swept past paper gift certificates to $63 billion vs $12 billion. And it’s all cash, sitting in bank accounts like yours, collecting interest.

Thanks to Valutec, high-quality, high-profit gift card systems are now available to merchants of any size. From single-store mom & pop shops to on-the-move, 100+ location franchises.
Virtually every merchant type—restaurants, bookstores, day spas, sporting goods stores, whatever you can think of—are experiencing gift card success every day.

“But will gift cards work for you?”

That is the question. The answer? Cards outsell paper gift certificates from two to ten times, every time. Consumers buy them on impulse from displays near the checkout counter.

Corporations give them as gifts to their customers and employees. And every card has a double value as a small-but-powerful billboard for your business whenever your cardholders open their wallets. So, wouldn’t you like to find out what kind of sales boost gift cards will generate for you?

Valutec’s LaunchBoxTM program is specifically designed for small merchants who are looking for a simple, easy-to-implement, low-cost way to get started selling gift cards. One flat monthly fee—about the cost of cable TV—covers all of your transaction processing, program activity reporting and toll-free customer service calls.