Owning a Small Business

Financing a Small Business

Your business needs the right financing at the right time in order to succeed. This is one of the most important challenges facing the owner of a small business.

Several obstacles get in the way of small businesses receiving funding that large businesses don’t have to worry about. These obstacles may include: little to no collateral, no audited financials, still in the first 2 years of business, and possibly, poor credit due to the heavy reliance of the owner on credit cards or other personal credit for financing operational expenses.

First Merchants understands the obstacles that your small business is facing and your unique needs in acquiring financing.

Financing A Small Business With First Merchants

Let us help you manage your business with an asset you already have: your credit and debit card receipts. With a business cash advance, Principis purchases a fixed amount of your future credit card sales in return for cash today.

Our Cash Advance:
  • Is not a loan
  • Has no costs or hidden fees
  • Has no time limits or fixed monthly payments
  • We get paid when you get paid
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